Aufgezeichnet in der Comédie-Française Paris

Infos Vorführungen


Having survived a shipwreck, Viola arrives in Illyria where, to protect herself, she disguises herself as a man and takes on the name of Cesario. She then enters the service of Duke Orsino who, charmed by her, makes her his page and tasks her with transmitting his love to the Countess Olivia. But Cesario/Viola, secretly attracted to the Duke, excels so well in her mission that the Countess is swept away by her ardour.

Known for stagings that combine fidelity to the dramatic situation with freedom of interpretation, Thomas Ostermeier highlights, through this amorous plot revolving around disguised identities, how bewildering the awakening of desire can be and how confusing the question of gender. This is his first production at the Comédie-Française.